Language Translation Services provides translation and editing:

  • Editorial texts 
  • New texts with research 
  • Text revision 
  • Translation: authorised translation of official documents
  • Languages: English, Danish, German …

MediaLanguage is a linguistic phenomenon, which is constantly evolving: machine aided translation, artifical intelligence play a growing role in text and translation.

How does this affect our language philosophically?

These are questions that we like to debate, as PR and marketing language were traditionally a human resort, and should stay so. Is the translator and media content publisher increasingly becoming an editor?

These questions arise in a time, where the content, especially digital content, is not always human-written, but can also be produced by algorithms.

We concentrate on good editing, because language will always remain a reflection of thought, thus belonging to the realm of ideas (Plato) and derived from the divine, hence, not graspable for maschines.

Other languages, such as Italian, Swedish, etc. at request.

You are welcome to contact us for details and to receive a quotation.

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